Aerospace Takes-off With Jemms

The Aerospace industry demands the highest standards in manufacturing and assembly to build the aircraft to transport passengers and cargo around the world. Jemms is proud to be a premier supplier to this critical component of our global infrastructure.

Common Applications

  • Wing Assembly
  • Drilling Offsets
  • Aero Fastener Installation

Solutions Provided

  • Restricted Access Fastening
  • Hold and Drive Capabilities
  • Light Weight, High RPM Accessories
  • Quick Change Collars
  • Toolless Hold Key Exchange
  • Spring Loaded, Toolless Offset Reorientation
  • Custom Length Collar Extensions
  • Virtual Torque & Envelope Constraint Analysis

Accessories Utilized

  • Aerospace Attachments
  • Indexing Collars
  • Hold and Drive Heads
  • Angle Heads
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